Sunday, 28 August 2016


Hello there, how are you today?
I'm popping by to lay down details of the #uniblanket I'm crocheting for my daughter who is off to university in October. At time of publishing this post I'm about half way through the main body of the blanket and have yet to decide on how I will do the border. In the meantime I wanted to share pattern and yarn details with you.

First of all yarn. I'm using James C Brett 'Cotton On' which is 50% cotton, 50% acrylic. I've had it for ages but looking on Deramores it is still available.
I'm using black for joining (shade 14) and then the colours are: Turquoise (10), Sage Green (16) Beige (4) Light Blue (11) Lilac (9) Red (15) Light Pink (5) Mid Pink (7) Dark Pink (8) Coral (6)
I've also got another green - more of a mint shade and I know this is a different brand from the others. I've got it in my head that it's Sirdar Wash 'n' Wear Double Crepe DK but I have lost the ball band so I'm totally sure and I certainly don't know the colour number. Sorry about that.

At this stage I don't know the yarn quantities. I'm hoping that I won't need more than one ball of the colours and so far I've used 4 x 50g of the black and have 5 left.

I'm using a 3.5mm crochet hook, depending on your gauge you might want to try a 4mm.

The original pattern comes from this video on You Tube, but I have made modifications to the stitch pattern, and of course I'm using the same colour yarn for rounds 1 - 3. 
Here's the pattern typed out in UK crochet terminology:



Coloured yarn: with slip knot on hook, ch 4, ss to first ch to form ring. 
Rnd 1: ch3, 11tr into ring. ss to top of ch3 to close round.
Rnd 2: ch4, *[1tr, ch1] into next stitch. Repeat from *11 times. ss to 3rd ch of starting ch4 to close round.
Rnd 3: ss into ch 1 space and then ch5, 1tr into same ch1 space. *[1tr, ch2, 1tr] into next ch1 space. Repeat from * 10 times. ss to 3rd ch of starting ch5 to close round. Fasten off.

Change to black yarn:
Rnd 4: start in any ch2 space, ch3 2tr, ch2, 3tr into same ch2 space. *3tr into next ch2 space, [3tr,ch2,3tr] into next ch2 space. Repeat from *4 times. 3tr into next ch2 space, ss to top of staring ch3 to close round. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Half Hexagon:

Coloured yarn: with slip knot on hook, ch 3, ss to first ch to form ring. 
Rnd 1: ch3, 7tr into ring. Turn work over.
Rnd 2: ch4, *[1tr, ch1] into next stitch. Repeat from *5 times. 1tr into last stitch which is top of ch3 of previous round. Turn work over.
Rnd 3: ss into ch 1 space and then ch5, 1tr into same ch1 space. *[1tr, ch2, 1tr] into next ch1 space. Repeat from * 5 times. Fasten off

Change to black yarn:
Rnd 4: without turning work over start in first ch2 space of previous round. ch3, 3tr into same ch2 space. 3tr into next ch2 space. *[3tr, ch2, 3tr] into next ch2 space, 3tr into next ch2 space. Repeat from * once more. 4tr in last ch2 space. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Join hexagons by sewing them together or using the Join-As-You-Go method. With this method you need to add in a joining chain stitch between the clusters of trebles in the last round, but only in the places you are actually joining. So when you have made your first hexagon as described in pattern, start the next one and do final round as described but join to first hexagon on one of the sides. I've made this little film to show you how I connect my hexagons.

I hope you have found this useful, I will share how I do the border when I get to it.

'till next time...

Sam xx

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Holiday theme podcast

Hi guys!

I've been recording again and this time I chatter about:

The Pebble Beach Shawl I'm knitting in some yarn I dyed myself...

The finished Sunshine girl dress for my little poppet...

a bit about our holiday in Suffolk...

a small bit of stitching from this book...

some socks I'm knitting from a sock blank from Truly Hooked... with help from this pattern.

and the #uniblanket I'm crocheting for my daughter as she's off to university soon.
details of this to follow :o)

Hope you have a great day,

'till next time...

Sam xx

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Podcast Episode 7 and Fibre East Vlog

Hi guys,

In my latest podcast I chatter about:

The Florear Blanket made with The Cotton Wool from We Are Knitters.
Pattern available through Ravelry, Love Knitting and Etsy.
(links coming soon!)

I show you my Spindrift Shawl designed by Helen Stewart, made in yarn from Felt Fusion.

Socks for my husband. Pattern designed by Sandra Paul called: 'My First Socks'

Made in yarn from Hedgehog Fibres in colour 'Ink'

'Sunshine Girl' knitted dress for my little poppet (pattern from August 2014 issue of Craft magazine). Yarn is Drops Safran in colours: 02, 05, 11, 12, 13, 17 and 31.

The raspberry coloured dress I'm making is the Amelia Tea Dress pattern by Simple Sew

Happy mail was from Maya at The Wool Barn

Thank you to all who starred in my Fibre East vlog:

 and of course you can visit my Etsy shop here.

see you soon,

'till next time...

Sam xx

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

We Are Knitters yarn review Part 1

Join me today for a yarn review.
I was sent some lovely cotton wool yarn from Francesca at We Are Knitters and I'm using it to make a crochet baby blanket.
The colours I chose are mint 8361, light yellow 1810, natural SFN10, mauve 1067, salmon pink B787 and can be found here

'till next time...

Sam xx

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Birthday Podcast Episode 6

In my latest podcast I chatter about:

My colour work neck warmer from the book Fair Isle and Nordic Knits by Nicki Trench using Drops Alpaca yarn. Basic yarn details on my project page here.

My completed crocheted Callander Cardigan from the book Three from the Top by Joanne Scrace and Kat Goldin. Yarn is Designer Yarns Choice 4ply with wool.

The personalised notebook I treated myself to from Onneke.

and my finished socks knitted in Opal Cotton Premium, in no particular pattern but using the Fish Lips Kiss Heel pattern by Sox Therapist

not forgetting my Anna dress I made in fabric from Butterfly Bright with lace trim from Textile Garden

I also mention my trip to Islington in London where I visited Ray Stitch, Loop and The Elk in the Woods.

and gorgeous yarn that my husband gave me as a birthday gift from here.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me birthday wishes, I had a fantastic day and feel all warm and cosy basking in birthday love x

'till next time...

Sam xx


Sunday, 15 May 2016

Podcast 5, Some retail therapy...

Hello everyone!

Here in my podcast episode 5 I chatter about:

'Three from the Top' crochet pattern book by Joanne Scrace and Kat Goldin of The Crochet Project

I also mention the Sock Knitters Shawl by Kay Jones

I've been buying lots of lovely stuff from:

Butterfly Bright

Little Bobbins

Felt Fusion

Alpaca Select

Sara's Texture Crafts

Tom Hovey

All Stitches

Thanks for watching and all you encouragement and support

'till next time...

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Podcast Number 4!

Hello my friends, I hope you are well?

Here I am with another podcast, the things I chatter about in my fourth podcast are:

Wildflowers and honeycomb socks, pattern by Olivia Villarreal in Coopknits 'Socks Yeah' yarn, colour chryso.

Star Flower Bag - ***pattern coming soon*** using Katia Lino 100% yarn

Dottie Angel frock pattern

Ditto Fabrics

Tudor Rose

Opal cotton premium sock yarn in colour 8892

Breathing Space pattern in Interpretations Volume 3 using Tweed sock yarn by The Wool Barn and Easy Knits Dusted Dreams yarn. (I've just been to get link and they only have volumes 1 and 2 at the moment)

Love Sewing magazine issue 21

'till next time...